Meisha is expert at softly guiding you through the often confusing maze of your mind and the depth of your heart to bring clarity, focus and direction. With insightful and pertinent questions, she helps you dig deeper into yourself to find the true meaning of your life and your purpose. Before starting our sessions, I thought I knew myself very well; but I am amazed at how much I am still learning thanks to her effective coaching and spiritual support. I highly recommend her.”

Beatrice Benne, Ph.D., Marketing President, Portland, OR

“I am so grateful for having Meisha as a business and life coach!!! When I signed up with her I was just looking for some direction but she has more than exceeded my expectations!

I really like the approach she takes where she doesn’t just look at the issue you are going to her to, but she looks at your life as a whole and how everything works together.

She has a skill for asking you questions that you never take the time to think about which really pushes you to get to know yourself better. It helps build your confidence, your happiness and provides you with guidance so that you know what steps to take to reach your personal and professional goals.

Meisha really goes the extra mile for her clients. She has excellent intuition, which really helps pick up on things that you may not even realize about yourself. She is genuinely there for you every step of the way.

I definitely recommend her to everyone. We all need some help figuring things out at one point in our lives, and Meisha is THE coach to go to.”

Melissa Dawn, Marketing/BD Director, Montreal, Canada

Meisha was an energetic and knowledgeable presenter.  I learned some new skills to use in my position.  I also had questions answered effectively.  Thank you.

Christy Hacker, Great Plains Tribal Chairman Director

“I started working with Meisha as my business coach two years ago, about a year after I had gone from the regimented world of biotech to the sink or swim world of self-employment. I only wish I had started working with her straight away. Meisha has been a bottomless pit of great information on establishing the basic day to day must-do’s but also encourages you to think outside the box. Meisha is a master of many trades, a great listener and was a perfect fit for me since she has her own real estate brokerage. She doesn’t do the one size fits all approach and I think at this stage she can actually read my mind (not sure if that is a good or a bad thing). She is extremely generous with her time and openly shares her expertise and past experiences. If she can help someone like me who doggedly avoids most things “salesy”, although I essentially work in sales, then she can definitely help anyone. If you are thinking of making a leap into the world of solopreneurship, I highly recommend that you work with Meisha. Sometimes you can’t reinvent the wheel but at least you can make a personalized one that works for you!”

Conor MacEvilly, Real Estate Broker, Seattle, WA

I have had the pleasure of working with Meisha on a few issues that were keeping me stuck regarding my business goals. She helped me tremendously to actually identify what the issues were and help me to utilize my own internal skills to find solutions that were realistic. She pushed me just out of the warmth and comfort of my “box” and it was just what I needed to reach the new level that I envisioned. Thanks Meisha, you are a fabulous coach!

Donna Townley, Real Estate Agent, Lynnwood, WA

As a financial advisor, I’m often focused on analysis with left-brain rationale. How refreshing to go through a mind-mapping exercise and learn how to adjust my activity and take control of my life – and use my lonely right brain in the process! Thanks for a fun afternoon of good information, new perspective and good company!

Cheri Johnson, Financial Advisor, Gig Harbor, WA

Meisha brings great enthusiasm and compassion to her coaching. She has a natural ability to connect with her clients, which allows her to assist them in achieving their goals and taking their dreams to the next level. I can’t explain it, you just have to experience it. Wow!

D. Schaefer, Life Coach, Bellevue, WA

Meisha, you put so much energy and passion into coaching me. I felt I could share my dreams with you because of the authenticity you demonstrate in your style. This built a place of trust for me and as we talked I felt your support for all I want to accomplish. You also asked wickedly insightful questions that gave me an opportunity to view my dreams from different perspectives. That was greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for coaching me!

Penny Mills, Artist, Vancouver, Canada

I have recently started private Professional Coaching with Meisha Rouser. My 45 minutes on the phone with her each week, Just over the last three weeks have produced a Focus and a CALM that I can honestly say I hadn’t yet experienced in the six years since I started my business! Our call this week was a true step towards Balance for me!

Trishann Couvilion, Photography, Seattle, WA

“Meisha has the ability to meet me wherever I am in the present moment. I can feel that she is engaged, curious, and supportive, even over the phone. Every call has held value and the opportunity for growth and clarity.”

Sydney Wiecking, Life Coach & Personal Trainer, Hawaii

“I’m a fairly critical (I must admit) student or workshop participant. This workshop was A-MAZING. I have been trained as a life coach and health coach and have been in the field for several years. I learned a lot at this workshop. My biggest frustration with how people teach is that they present the subject-matter in too abstract of a manner. I leave with intellectually understanding the subject matter but don’t have any idea how to apply the material in a concrete, constructive way to my business TODAY.

I left with very clear and incredibly constructive steps that I will begin to take as soon as I get back to my office!”

Ann Whitmore, Weight Loss and Health Coach, Bainbridge Island, WA

Meisha did another excellent job in facilitating/presenting this course.  Well done!

Dan Strandy, N.O.A.A., Seattle, WA

As a chiropractor focused on Evidence-based chiropractic, I found Meisha’s workshop to be quite entertaining and enlightening. I love talking about concepts related to principles of finding “true north” using a moral compass of conscience. Her thoughts encourage us all to continue striving to become the best we can be. I appreciate you.

Jason Silliker, Chiropractor, Kirkland, WA

Meisha, I really love the energy and heart you put into your coaching. It is always energizing and inspiring. You bring your true heart, full of compassion and love, whole-heartedly into your work. I truly believe that you are always striving for your clients’ success.

Claudia Sanabria, Coach, Seattle, WA

As a busy small business owner and a mother of 2 little boys (aka monsters) things can get overwhelming and out of control in my day to day world. It’s challenging to find that “balance” sometime. However, after getting done with one of Meisha’s 2 hours workshop, title appropriately, “Every Day Steps”, it gave me a new perspective of how I should refocus my actions so that “balance” can happen…even to me. I walked out of that workshop re-energized, refocus and most importantly…in control of me and my world…ready to create my “balance” world.

Thanks Meisha! For helping me get one step closer to achieving both my personal and business goals, day by day. If you are an entrepreneur, and starting to feel overwhelmed, defocus or need a shot of “I can do it”, Go and attend this workshop! I promise, you will walk out of this class as a different person…a person that you use to know and like. :)

Theresa Reyna, Interpreter, Bellevue, WA

I have appreciated having Meisha as my coach. She is first of all, a good, listener. She focuses on the important aspects of your life and gets you to look at your actions in a different and more balanced way. This helps you to walk a more successful path with confidence, be it with money, or just good, healthy living. She is also a great mediator and has a calm, gentle spirit, which helps you to see solutions calmly and clearly.
I enjoy our journey together. Her positive nature is contagious and she is a kind and generous old soul, which makes her a natural as a life couch. I recommend her highly and know that you will enjoy her wisdom as well as her spunk. Thank you for listening to me about this special woman. Many Blessing,

Rachael Jean Harper, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Port Ludlow, WA

Meisha was excellent.  Loved the personal interaction she had with us, her ability to reflect and share her own experiences gave a wonderful touch to the class.

David Yancey, Wanatchee School District, WA

“The combined attributes of imagination, empathy and grounded focus are rare in one person, Meisha Rouser is one of those rare people. I have benefited greatly from having her guidance and support as a personal and business coach. Meisha has moved me forward in my life with an open listening attitude and down to earth pragmatism that allows me to dream big and follow through. I have recommend Meisha to my friends and family and now recommend her to anyone looking for coach. I believe your life will also benefit from her deft coaching skills.”

Roger Nix, CEO, Developer, Seattle, WA

“Meisha is a consummate professional. As a life and business coach, Meisha readily demonstrates that she understands life and understands business. She is quite the task master when the time is right, but always with empathy and sensitivity. It is a joy and very rewarding working with her.”

Terry Murphy, Speaker and Sales Mentor, London, England

“Meisha Rouser’s coaching has made a substantive difference in my professional life. Over the course of several sessions, she successfully opened my awareness to new business and career possibilities that I would not have seen on my own. This has paid off handsomely and has started me on an exciting new career path at the “advanced” age of 62.”

Ted Hilliard, Professional Lobbyist & Media Consultant, Bremerton, WA

I have attended Meisha’s “Everyday’s Steps…” workshop, and I was amazed to see how her passion can be contagious: even an experienced marketer as myself (!) feels she can bring a fresh and new perspective to run and strategize, and provide new snippets of knowledge – definitely something that will help me in my startup endeavors. Thank you Meisha :)

Carlo Malaguzzi, Marketing Enthusiast, Mercer Island, WA

“I have been working with Meisha for about a year now. I have found Meisha’s coaching style to be friendly, down-to-earth and accompanied with great listening skills. In our sessions, she asks questions that are designed to help me explore myself at a more profound level. She is supportive and yet gently pushes me to delve more deeply into areas I need most. If I get off-track, she carefully nudges me back to keep my focus on the important issues.

I am currently going through a major transition in my life. My sessions with Meisha have been incredibly helpful. Through our sessions, I have learned what is most important to me and what I must do with my life. I have already experienced several major break-throughs because of my work with Meisha.

Meisha came to me when I needed her most. I hope you will call her when you are ready to make some major shifts in your life.”

Steve Kendall, Real Estate Sales & Marketing, Richmond, CA

“Meisha –
When I first met you so wanted to connect with you – I felt your loving spirit and connected with your great smile. Then the opportunity arose to choose a coach through the CTI program, I purposely looked for you as I thought you would be a great coach.
I so appreciated your thoroughness with having me complete the initial interview questionnaire, which allowed me to think where do I want to go with my coach. As my coach, I felt held, swaddled is a great word and listened to. You danced in the moment with me so beautifully. I specifically remember the morning I forgot to call, you sent me an e-mail, I called, and I was in a funk, with the loss of my son, and you allowed me to be with what I was feeling. I so appreciated your curiosity and the deep thoughtful questions, your questions always made me think. Your insights were so right on. You helped me to stay focused on me. And, I loved brainstorming.
Meisha, I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be coached by you through the CTI mentor program. It was fun AND I felt moved.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Debbie Rosenfelt, President, Financial Mapping LLC, Edmonds, WA

“I am always inspired after my coaching call with Meisha. She helped me stay in focus and seeing things in a different way. It’s like having a friendly voice that I can count on for support.”

Thuy Vu, Heal to Soul Coaching and Hypnosis, Calgary